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Runtime SDK Examples#

The runtime installation comes with several examples in the subdirectories SDKExamples and SDKExamplesNew. The examples come with project files for Visual Studio 2010 or newer and CMakeFiles.txt files to generate build files for various other compilers and development environments using CMake. See Prerequisites for more details on projects and how to use CMake.

The project in the subdirectory SDKExamples/SimpleExample is a starting point for a first project using the frame grabber library fglib5.

The subdirectory SDKExamples/GenICam contains several projects to get started using the camera control library siso_genicam.

To get started using the image input/output library iolibrt, the subdirectory SDKExamples/SisoIoLib provides one example project.

The subdirectory SDKExamples/Functionality provides more in-depth examples for various topics of the frame grabber control library fglib5.

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