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SisoJTAGChain_Struct Struct Reference

SisoJTAGChain_Struct Struct Reference

#include <siso_auxport.h>

Data Fields

size_t num_taps
SisoJTAGTAP_Struct tap [1]

Detailed Description

JTAG chain descriptor (must be allocated and initialised by user)

If device_id in a TAP descriptor is set to SISO_JTAG_PORT_DEVICE_ID_INVALID, the device id will be read and filled in automatically. If device_id is set to either SISO_JTAG_PORT_DEVICE_ID_NONE or a valid device id, the device id will be verified. An error will be returned if a device id does not match, or if SISO_JTAG_PORT_DEVICE_ID_INVALID was set for a device without IDCODES support. The JTAG chain has to be set by the user before using the device level transmission API. To allocate a JTAG chain descriptor for N TAPs, use: SisoJTAGChain_Struct * chain = (SisoJTAGChain_Struct *) malloc(sizeof(SisoJTAGChain_Struct) + (N-1)*sizeof(SisoJTAGTAP_Struct));

Field Documentation

◆ num_taps

size_t SisoJTAGChain_Struct::num_taps

Number of TAP descriptor entries in chain descriptor

◆ tap

SisoJTAGTAP_Struct SisoJTAGChain_Struct::tap[1]

TAP descriptor entries